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Jingle customised maximum 10 seconds mono voice male, transmit the text we take care of the realization of your delivery 24 h00 jingle / 96 h 00 maximum taken command of the day, last hour 5 pm after 24 h 00 caution holidays offset are not taken into account (for confirmed physiquements payments means payments at your disposal, Paypal (, Bluepaid) if not technical problems. Registration of your text in studio and delivery of the file without installation in a raw format and virial for optimum quality (WAV). Your text will be proposed in at least 2 versions a result and a cleaning and digital processing will be applied.
The text must be uniform for followed by reading. It means that a sequence of words without context nexus or connection is not possible. The text must include a common sense to all the sentences. When validate you by payment you accept the realization of your jingle to our conditions without modification request after delivery of the mp3 file or wma deliver download more than possible to your supplied text modification and tone give

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Conditions of licence Audio Pro unlimited

On the express condition that the client performs a payment for content, Licensor grants to the customer a simple and non-transferable right to use the content according to these terms and conditions.

1. General information

The object of this agreement is to allow the client to use the content for private and for certain commercial uses only. However, this agreement does not entitle the client to offer the content to third parties, to sell, to transfer the rights or authorize others to use this content without explicit permission specified in the present agreement.

2. assignment of rights

The Licensor grants to the customer an unlimited right in time and space, non-exclusive and non-transferable use strictly private and non-commercial content. The Licensor grants to the customer an unlimited right in time and space, non-exclusive and non-transferable usage for the following commercial use:

a. use in published form or the connection to another work

(1) the customer is granted the right to edit and/or combine the content in other works, and to use or allow the use of content under this edition or this connection to other works:

(a) the client is authorized to reproduce and distribute the content edited or combined. Is excluded the right of assignment of temporary use (rental ready).

(b) the client has the right to publicly disseminate the content edited or combined or attract the attention of the public on the content using media image or audio.

(c) the customer has the right to make public the contents published or combined.

(d) the customer is also authorized to issue or authorize the issuance of the content edited or combined.

(2) definitions:

(a) there are publishing the content when there is personal creation of the client only. Minor changes are not considered as edition in the sense of this contract and may not be applied that, according to the provisions set out in clause 2(b).

(b) connection to another work within the meaning of this agreement exists only when the content is combined with other works protected by the copy (for example, a spoken work or filmed), i.e. when the object with which the content is combined form an independent work within the meaning of the provisions on respect for copyright. The combination with everyday objects not formatting a connection to a work within the meaning of this agreement. The conditions set out in clause 3. (1) are to be respected absolutely.

b. use in unedited form or without connection to another work

The customer is granted the right simple and assignable to attract the attention of the public on the edited content or handset using media image or audio. In addition, the client obtains the simple right and assignable to make available content from an Internet address on a server, as long the client ensures that the content cannot be downloaded and permanently registered by third parties.

c. any other right
The client obtains no right other than those mentioned above. In particular, the client hereby obtains no ownership rights in the content and is not allowed to assign the content to third parties rights (prohibition of transfer of licence). The transfer of the rights of the client of this contract is not allowed.

3 explicit limitations
Without taking into account the extent of the transfer of rights and other additional restrictions contained in this agreement, the uses of the content and following actions are prohibited:

(1) publication or any other type of distribution of a copy of the contents as such. The content as such exists when there has not been adaptation or connection to another work in accordance with the following regulations. Similarly, it is not permissible to publish the content to a third party to obtain the electronic content in the form of files or copy. The customer shall for this purpose take protective measures necessary (for example, a copy protection).

(2) use of the content in a manner insulting, defamatory or otherwise illegal.

(3) deletion of any reference to copyright, protection of performance or protection of content mark. The customer is obliged to include these references to each use.

(4) use of the content in connection with or as part of a brand, a commercial term, name or the designation of an institution.

4. warranty
The client guarantees the use of content only to the extent permitted by this contract and releases the provider from all claims of third parties based on the use of the contents by the customer not comply with the provisions of this agreement.

Supplier declares on their honour that the content does not violate the rights of third parties. The warranty only refers to content, and not to possible adaptations or connections to other works.

5. duration of the contract
The duration of this contract is unlimited.

The provider has the right to terminate the contract of an extraordinary way for important reasons. An important reason exists in particular where there is infringement of the obligations or limitations of this agreement by the client. Termination takes effect after warning with a period.
6. other
Unless special agreement in this agreement, the relationship between the licensor and the customer are governed by the General Conditions of sale.

The law of the State of Nevada, USA, applies to this contract. The unique competent court is the Court of Reno.